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Jupiter's 12 years cycle and the Chinese Zodiac

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It may be just a chain of coincidences, but Jupiter takes 12 years in going around the Sun, and just once each 1000 years its position coincides with their corresponding 12 chinese solar months signs, the last time it matched was in the 20th century.


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The Chinese Solar Months

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Although many people ignore it, Chinese Astrology has its equivalent to the Western Zodiac signs, which far from contradicting, do complement each other, forming a set of 24 alternating signs coinciding the most clear point of the chinese with the transition from one western sign to the next, and viceversa.


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Dates comparison, the chinese style

Written on by Nacho in Any year forecast

I just published this new program, that simulate one of the traditional chinese ways of comparing two dates at an astrological level, it can be used both to check the compatibility of two persons or to guess how somebody may fare in a given date.


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2017 predictions, the Fire Rooster year

Written on by Nacho in The Chinese Zodiac

We are getting closer to the year of the Fire Rooster (2017), in this article I wrote some basic trends for that year taking into account each chinese month and its combination with the rooster.


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Astrology or Tarot?

Written on by Nacho in Life's cards

Often I am asked for short term predictions based on the Chinese natal chart of somebody, and the truth is that for specific situations that develop in a matter of weeks or months often is much more practical to do a series of tarot readings, maybe complementing it with a glimpse at the stronger astrological trends in the following months or years.


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