2016 Predictions: year of the Fire Monkey

The Year of the Fire Monkey goes from February 8 2016 to January 27 2017, this according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, many Chinese astrologers consider that the astrological year starts on February 4 with the beginning of the month of the Tiger.

In short, the year of the Fire Monkey is a time prone to resolve our problems with good logical reasoning, as well as partnering with others and working together with them, so, the most typical risk for this year is thinking too much and doing little.

It's also a good year to get involved in unexpected adventures!

The fire monkey adventures in 2016

As for your personal predictions for 2016, it's better to have a look at them with this program, they depend on your time and date of birth, not just the year you were born:

Birth Date
Time (is the Solar Time)

In short, the general trend for the Tiger, the Snake and the Pig suggests that they may not fare as well as they would like... but the Rat and the Dragon should fare particularly well, and the other signs depends a lot on the details of their chinese natal chart.

Monkey with turtle

So the previous program makes sense, I know it's far from perfect, and I keep saying that I will make a much improved version when I have time for it... but you see, lack of time seems to be a constant in my life, and I don't think it will be different during 2016.

And besides talking about people trends during this year, it's nice to remember historical events that happened during the last year of the Fire Monkey (1956), for example:

  • It was in 1956 that Morocco and Tunisia gained independence from France, one could see it as a sign related to how much monkeys value their freedom.
  • Also in that year, Nikita Khrushchev began the destalinization of the Soviet Union, a good example of monkey rationalism and good sense.
  • Then, there were those kind of conflicts which monkeys don't fear so much, such as the closure of the Suez Canal by Egypt, and the invasion of Hungary by the Soviet Union.
  • It was also the year of the first analog videotape (the predecessor of the VHS) and the first computer hard drive, good examples of the creative genius of the Fire Monkey.
  • And the year of the first Eurovision Song Contest, as well as the golden age of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley... you can draw your own conclusions from this ;-)

It's interesting to dive in history to understand the astrological trends in each historical moment, history tends to repeat itself, although it may not be so obvious at first glance, but "the key for knowing the future is to know the past and understand the present".

The Year of the Fire Monkey, 2016, may well be the year that someone (probably a monkey) exclaims "the king is naked!", and after that all the people who had been watching the naked king without saying nothing, may start thinking in a more realistic way towards the world where they live and their problems.

However when the finger of the Fire Monkey points to the world problems based on hard facts, it's more likely to generate conflicts and new problems, "more of the same but in a different way", in such a way that the problems get bigger, but I prefer not to make gloomy predictions!

Nacho, the webmaster

Nacho (the webmaster)

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