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Today, 05/25/2018, the Chinese Almanac says: "Establish: the day that Ten Thousand things are generated"

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Chinese Almanac: The Chinese Almanac

The Chinese Calendar has been in use one way or other for almost 5000 years, and it would deserve at least one big book talking about it and its history... of course I can't do that here, instead what I have done is a kind of modern chinese almanac based in the same concepts and ideas that have been in use in chinese almanacs for many centuries.

This is how a typical traditional chinese almanac looks like:

ejemplo de horóscopo chino (almanaque)

And mine looks like this.

The difference between a calendar and a almanac is that the first just measures the time, and the second will tell you what to expect during that time, is something somewhat similar to western horoscopes.

My almanac is a bit experimental yet, I have adopted the most important and typical characteristics of chinese almanacs, then added some extras that the digital era made evident (like the wind of destiny charts), but in the whole is more a curiosity and something to experiment with than anything "warranted to work".

In fact I have the intention of improving it when I find the time and the algorithms for it, but as for now take it just as is.

Of course all suggestions and comments are welcome, just write me and let me know what you think.

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