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Ignacio Vidal, the author of lascartasdelavida.com

Name Ignacio Vidal
Sign Earth Horse (1978)
Living in Azores islands (Portugal)
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It isn't easy to describe myself in few words, looking back I realize that I have done many different things during my life, and although for me it all makes sense, I guess it may look disconcerting at first...

In few words, I studied Industrial Engineering in late 90s in Spain, but as I was quite involved with Linux and Free Software I worked most of the time in the IT sector as Unix Administrator, then it got to a point when I decided to give up computing as a professional career, and began this web site with the goal in mind of trying to help other people by doing tarot readings.

That was back in late 2004, then as the years went by, I began publishing the chinese astrology programs this website is well known for, then in 2008 moved my home to a sailing boat and got used to the nomadic way of life, going from one place to other according to circumstances.

Believe it or not, I have learnt most of the things I know by myself, from fixing a fridge-size server to rebuilding a classic boat, passing by learning several languages, sailing alone or making this website... I'm even said to be a very good cook!

If you could have a look to the main version of this website (in Spanish), you would see that my interests are very wide, ranging from history and "ancient" anime, to sailing technical articles, french literature or even karaoke lyrics.

Nacho, the webmaster

Nacho (the webmaster)

During many years an unhappy Unix sysadmin, in 2004 began making this website, mostly in spanish, and tried to live my life in a more sensible way.

I was born in Spain 45 years ago, in 1999 moved to Madrid and began my short sysadmin career, then in 2008 moved to a small sailing boat and have being going from one place to the next until 2018, when I settled down in the Azores islands.

You can see my whole profile here.


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