By phone: flexible time

For doing a tarot consultation by phone, first we would have to agree a time and date when both of us could be relaxed and with our minds centered in the issues to ask the cards about; time has shown me that this way of doing gives much better results than when somebody just dial a number at anytime wishing to get an immediate reply to his/her problems.

Also this way I can better organize myself so I have everything ready to attend to you without distractions or interruptions, it's better for you and for me ;-)

I charge a fixed price for consultation (€50), including the phone call to most destinations and without a strict time limit, a typical consultation will last around one hour.

I do it this way because I think it is essential for both the caller and myself to be relaxed and focused throughout the entire consultation, not having to worry about the clock, and as a result we can see with clarity and detail all the issues we ask the cards about.

You can call me to this phone to ask any question about my tarot readings (my name is Nacho):

  • (+34) 969 59 1212 (Portuguese mobile phone)

In most cases I can call you at no additional cost for doing the consultation, it depends on the country you are, just ask me before doing the payment.

While doing the tarot readings I will need you tell me the following data:

  • Your name (no need for the surname).
  • The place where you are now (it's enough with the name of the city or region).
  • Your date of birth, if not the exact one at least the time of the month and year, so I can figure the basic astrological influences.

I use this data to concentrate my mind in you and the situation you are asking about while I shuffle the cards, some people also send me beforehand some photos by email so I can have them in front of me during the consultation, but this is entirely optional, I'm very conscious about the requirement for privacy of most people who call me or write me.

Another thing I will do is to write down your data on a paper so I have it in front of me while shuffling the cards to help me concentrate better, also I'll write data from the other people you may ask about, the questions we do and the cards related to each question.

This is an example of a file I used for a tarot reading by email a long time ago:

example of a record of a tarot reading

Of course, the file of your consultation belongs to you and you can ask me to do whatever you like with it, typically I will keep it just in case you call me or write me again, but you could ask me to destroy it or send a photo of it to you by email.

For more information on Tarot consultations by phone, just call me, (+34) 969 59 1212, or write me.

Nacho, the webmaster

Nacho (the webmaster)

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I was born in Spain 43 years ago, in 1999 moved to Madrid and began my short sysadmin career, then in 2008 moved to a small sailing boat and have being going from one place to the next until 2018, when I settled down in the Azores islands.

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