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I made this program with the goal of getting a personalized and automatic horoscope based on the date and time of birth of each person, all calculations are made based on Chinese astrology.

What you get is basically a graph like this:

Example of customized Chinese horoscope prediction

The idea is to give an overview of the astrological trends for the next few days, one of the key aspects for this is the so called daily Luck/Harmony index, which how easy or satisfactory things can be expected to be in general, and whether if it is likely or not to have the (good) luck on our side during each day, this numbers are plotted for the next 5 days in the graph up to the right.

In short, if it is green means good luck, bad luck in red, orange being a more or less normal luck; but the trend is also important, in the sense of telling you if things can be expected to improve in the following days or not... but hey, don't let you be influenced by this kind of things, it's just something to experiment with.

Then, for each of the next 3 days displayed, there is a large picture representing the essence of that day according to the Chinese horoscope, taking into account also your date of birth, for example, in the image above the second day of the astrological prediction is represented with this image:

Example of personalized prediction for a single day according to the Chinese horoscope

You should interpret these images for each day as symbols, for example in the picture above it means that there is a tendency to meetings and so, but also that they are not going to be very serious and interesting, but rather something devoid of content and/or surreal, in practice this translates into business meetings not being likely to be fruitful, but instead may be a good day for partying with friends ^_^.

With each daily prediction there are some little icons to the left, these give more clues of what may have more weight or be more favorable on that day according to the Chinese horoscope, there are 5 different kind of icons:

  •  recycle icon : refers to the material evolution, things that change from one state to another making themselves more useful; when abounds indicates a good time to try to change and adapt, both ourselves and our environment, it also indicates that the imagination is enhanced. If scarce, it means that there is a tendency to rigidity and lack of imagination, also closure to new ideas.
  •  heart icon : this not just refers to intimate feelings or relationships, but more generally to everything that implies warmth and enthusiasm, and intensity at all levels, whether at work or in personal life; somewhat it symbolize the try to do your best from the bottom of your heart.
  •  icon harmony symbolizes harmony and balance, also the ability to reach sensible agreements good for all parties; if too much, it can sometimes indicate situations that stagnate and rot; and if absent it can lead to act thoughtlessly and make pitfalls.
  •  icon currencies: these 2 coins refer not only to money, but in general to all material things, for example tools and work, also to the intellectual part of life; in the picture above it would indicate that the meeting is more likely to have a working or technical content, but not personal or intimate.
  •  travel icon : represents not only travel, but also being able to adapt to circumstances in a smooth and quiet way, also has a secondary meaning of sensuality in a more physical than the heart icon; when abundant, it's time to try to flow with your destiny without forcing things.

When one of these aspects is too scarce, you will see it under a cross below the corresponding day in the top right chart, this means that its absence could cause problems somewhat, usually because not having at hand the qualities represented by the missing icon.

And besides these 5 icons, there are some other that may appear occasionally in the top right chart, for example these two:

  •  icon Storm : appears when given a set of astrological situations that may lead to difficult times or conflicts, but it's nothing to be much worried about, just a day to be careful.
  •  rush icon : refers to times when things move very fast and it's easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed, but the good part is that there is much to gain or achieve despite all the rush, in this days is important trying not to miss good opportunities.

As for the reliability of these predictions... best thing is that you see for yourself, I mean, Look for significant dates from your past and see if the results have a clear relation to what happened those days, Astrology and Chinese Horoscope may work to some degree, but it is the same for all dates, both future and past, so if it worked in the past, it may work regarding the future ;-)

Nacho, the webmaster

Nacho (the webmaster)

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