February 2015: Tiger's month and Jupiter's opposition

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Hajime looking up the Sky in February 2015

Following the tradition initiated with the predictions I wrote for January 2015, here are those for February, the truth is that last month I felt a bit uneasy when my comment about the Ox month (January 6) starting "through a scary funeral procession" happened to make sense with the Paris attacks, the truth is that when I wrote it I didn't think something as terrible as that would happen, and I do think it was just a coincidence, I guess the global situation is so complicated that it isn't difficult to be right when predicting something bad will happen soon.

But it's certainly not my intention to be messenger of bad news when writing these articles, I do it simply because I am fond of astrology and like to write, and also because this page having quite a few visits, each new article I write means more money at the end of the month, and I have to compensate Euro's devaluation, thus, the more value the Euro will lose, the more I will have to write, now that it has gone from $1.35 to $1.12 I changed from doing monthly updates to biweekly ones (in the Spanish version), and if it continues to lose value I will start writing articles in a weekly basis ^_^

But back to the astrological influences during February 2015, there are several interesting times from an astrological point of view; The month begins with the moon almost full and growing, still in the month of the Ox according to Chinese astrology, but shortly, on February the 4th we will enter in the month of the Tiger, which in this case almost coincides with the full moon, which will be on February 4th at 0:10 am (Central Europe Time).

So gradually we will notice the change from the Ox's month to the Tiger's one, things will begin moving faster and with greater agility, and have a tendency to be somewhat aggressive (either well focused or not), but everything is about knowing how to channel these subtle influences in a sensible way depending on our circumstances; so these weeks will be good for daring to take risks and make courageous decisions... anyway, being everything under the influence of the Wood Goat, the tiger will take it with no rush:

Yaiba tiger taking it easy to start the Chinese Tiger month of 2015

So be careful not to go too fast, because somehow we're almost within the year of the Wood Goat, and basically it happens that both energies are combined, and as we know, tigers and goats are not particularly harmonious, rather they are opposites, and then this February 2015 we must proceed with care because there is a tendency for things to "derail".

Indeed, two days after beginning the month of the tiger, on February the 6th it will occur an opposition in which Jupiter, the Earth and the Sun will become aligned, and almost also the Moon, this is an important astrological event that only happens once a year, it is best understood by watching this graph:

The solar system during the opposition of Jupiter in February 2015

It happens that Jupiter is a very important and special planet, both from the point of view of Astrology and Chinese Horoscope and from a scientific point of view:

  • It is the largest planet in the Solar System.
  • Its volume is so great that 1300 Earths like ours could be fit inside (quite tight I guess!).
  • And its magnetic field is so huge that if it were visible to our eyes, we would see it in the sky 5 times larger than the full moon, despite Jupiter being 1700 times farther than the moon.

These physical data were unknown to Chinese astrologers of ancient times, but even so, based on empirical observations they clearly saw that its influence was of great importance in what was happening on Earth, and so, since ancient times Jupiter has been a mainstay of Chinese Astrology.

Anyway, one good side of it is that this February will be perfect for watching Jupiter in the night sky, because it will be visible all night long and very easy to recognize since it will be brighter than the rest of year (because being in the closest point to Earth), indeed it will be the brightest thing in the night sky after the Moon, and will rise in the East horizon just as the Sun sets in the west.

Jupiter rising in the East on February 6, 2015

And from an astrological point of view, it's basically a few days (from 4th to 8th of February more or less) where there is a tendency for things to lose their balance, those are moments where everything can change unpredictably and more faster than you would imagine at first, and if we add this trend to what I said about the lack of harmony between the month of the tiger and the wood goat... then it could happen anything, it's just a matter of being more careful these days, do not take unnecessary risks or act lightly.

But this doesn't mean to stay at home doing nothing, these are also moments where you can lose but also win, and basically what is needed is not to take things lightly, I know it sounds a little fuzzy, but astrology is like that, at least the way I understand it, there aren't bad and good moments, but rather subtle trends that are changing all the time, something like the wind blowing towards where we want to go or in the opposite direction.

Then, returning to the opposition of Jupiter in early February 2015, with a silly example, it's as if we have our car with very worn tires in need of change, then it is more likely to have a problem because of it during these days than on prior or subsequent days, but obviously the right thing to do is have the car well maintained and not risk your live to save a few dollars.

Apart from this, Jupiter's opposition coincides with the apogee of the Moon (February the 6th), the time of the month when the Moon is farthest from the Earth, although as far as I know this shouldn't influence much, because it is at perigee (shortest distance between the moon and Earth) and during the lunar nodes that the influence can be somewhat negative.

Graph showing what the apogee and perigee are

Then, after February the 19th we will enter officially in the year of the Wood Goat according to the Chinese lunar calendar, which coincides with the new moon (the second new moon after the winter solstice), and in this case coincides also with the perigee, this somehow adds some negative trend since things can go wrong more often than usual.

Besides the perigee, the Sun and the Moon will be between the Chinese constellations of The Void and the Roof, also known as The Danger because the risk of falling down when walking over a roof.

The new moon at the beginning of the year of the goat wood

In fact, the Chinese character for The Void is 虚, that although nobody would guess it, it represents a tiger wandering hungry in a cold desert where there isn't much to eat, hence the idea of emptiness, that of the desert and the empty stomach of the tiger... so, it's not hard to imagine that this constellation is a bad omen according to Chinese astrology, and is generally considered a time where almost nothing is favorable.

As for the constellation of Danger over the Roof, its sign is 危, which represents a kind of dangerous height (a precipice for example), and down something that has fallen from above and has been deformed... traditionally this constellation is associated with problems when traveling, formerly it was said that if traveling by land delays due to others would happen, because of bandits or bureaucrats for example, and if traveling by sea the ship would encounter bad weather and probably sink, however my experience is that it is also associated with situations where sometimes it's worth taking the risk to achieve something important or necessary, what is clear is that it hints that whatever you try during those days, it will not be easy.

Given all this, it is true that the Chinese lunar year of the goat begins somehow with bad omens... but hey, do not see it as a curse, the problem is not where the stars are but how things are around us, in the sense that if there are many situations that threaten ruin, scarcity and danger, sooner or later there will be problems, astrology only hints at when and how these latent problems can arise.

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