June 2015: the Horse month and its solstice

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black horse in June 2015

Once again here are the predictions for the coming month, June 2015, on this occasion I had to do them faster than I would like because throughout the month of May I had to move from a nice apartment to a little boat, so I had no other choice but to focus on the essentials and leave aside the details... for the next month, which is the goat's one, I'll try to do something more elaborate and artistic ;-)

In short, June begins with the full moon, which is the 2nd, and a little later begins the horse's month, around June 6, it will be a change that can be felt clearly by those who are sensitive enough, basically things will start to move faster and occur at full daylight, we will pass from the Yin snake to the Yang Horse, the most Yang of all the signs.

The Horse Hokusai

It happens that the horse is very well complemented with the goat who rules this year 2015, so during these weeks will be an appropriate time to mature situations and projects that have been growing and developing in the previous months, perhaps the greatest risk is to go faster than necessary, one must know to use the brakes.

Also try to be prudent, because the goat and the horse are somewhat crazy people who often confuse their fantasies with the reality, and then anything can happen...

wooden horse cooling off in a waterfall

The central point of the horse month coincides with the summer solstice, which this year falls on June 21 at 18:39 Spanish time, and obviously matches the longest day and the shortest night of the year (in the North hemisphere, in the South is the other way around).

The June solstice on Earth

Also quite interestingly, the beginning of the month of the horse matches the most intense days of the meteor shower known as The Arietids, is somehow as if it welcomes it... to try to see them you have to look toward the constellation of Aries.

In terms of astronomical events on June 10 is the perigee, the day when the distance to the Moon from Earth is the lowest of the month and therefore its apparent size on the sky is the biggest.

Schematic showing what the apogee and perigee

Then, on June 14 a conjunction between Mars, the Sun and Earth will happen, in this graph is easy to understand it:

Diagram showing the conjunction of Mars June 2015

It is interesting to note that according to Chinese astrology Mars represents the South and the fire element, exactly what the horse does, so the fact that there is a conjunction of Mars just before the peak of the horse month is clear to mean something important, but I do not have time to explain it in detail...

It is best to be careful these days and see what happens!

Then, on June 16 will be the new moon, and on June 20, the Dragon Boat festival is celebrated in China, when traditional boat races with dragon-shaped boats will take place, since 2008 is a national holiday in mainland China, previously it was only in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.

Two dragon boats in Beijing

There is much to say about the Dragon Boat Festival, and the relationship of this sign with the horse, the sign of the month in which is celebrated... but that will have to be for another time, I'm sorry, just 3 hours left to upload this update!

What is clear is that during the month of June, the trend is that many things will happen in a fast and intense way, thus we must try to held the helm firmly ;-)

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