August 2015: Monkey month

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Beginning in August the 8th, the month of the monkey should bring us some weeks marked by good reasoning and smart ideas, and also a tendency to sociability and teamwork, so it is a good time to get together with other people and find solutions to complicated problems that require common sense.

monkey tree

Anyway, it happens that the Wood Goat, who rules 2015, supports this trend only partially, let's say that until she gets tired of the meeting... and then begins to show off her artistic and spiritual vein, that for the monkey is something strange that he can't understand, because it's outside of his world of ideas and well-organized mental schemes.

The result in practice may be some tendency to disperse, to talk a lot and do little, giving grand speeches but doing little progress on the ground, and basically the question is to harmonize the imagination and spirituality of the goat with the reasoning and good head of the monkey, somehow there is a time and place for everything.

mono tangling

But anyway these weeks should be a rather harmonious ones at an astrological level, appropriate for teamwork, without forgetting the beautiful and enriching part of the work that is being done.

Then, at an astronomical level is important to note that on August 12 will be the maximum of the Perseids, which is the most famous meteor shower of the year, and it should be possible to appreciate its shooting stars until August 24, this year also the maximum almost coincides with the new moon, which is on August 14, so it's worth going up some mountain if the night is clear, because the absence of moon light will make it much easier to appreciate the shooting stars.

Interestingly enough, these shooting stars are actually chunks of rock and ice that were left in space when the Swift-Tuttle comet passed by, and when they hit the Earth disintegrate in the atmosphere looking like shooting stars, but they are not real stars at all!

where the meteor shower of the Perseids will be

The Perseids can be seen from the beginning of August until the 22th or so, for this one should look towards the constellation of Perseus as the name implies, and this being visible only in the northern hemisphere and around Ecuador, makes that in the Southern Hemisphere the amount of shooting stars will be much lower.

About the Chinese festivals celebrated this month, we have two happening close together, the first will be on August 20, known as the festival of the weaving maiden and the ox-boy, which occur on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the Chinese year.

the maid and the pastor punished

Afterwards, on August 28 the festival of the hungry ghosts takes place, when it is said that the doors separating the world of the dead and the living are open and you can send gifts and offerings to help deceased loved ones.

The most typical gift is hell money, which you can buy in your favorite chinese shop or even print it at home!

Hell Money path beyond

Besides this, on August 26 there will be a conjunction of Jupiter with the Sun, Earth and almost Venus, it's best understood with this drawing:

conjunction of Jupiter in August 2015

Again, it is too long and complex to explain what it means at an astrological level, it is best to wait until those days come to feel the influences yourself ;-)

Finally, on August 29 there will be a big full moon, also known as Super Moon, because almost coincides with the perigee, the minimum distance between the Moon and Earth, which will be about 50,000 kilometers smaller than when it's at the greatest distance (apogee).

Schematic showing what the apogee and perigee

This makes the moon look 16% bigger and its brightness is 30% higher than usual, and so her astrological influence will also be significantly bigger.

And of course it will be a good time to look up to the night sky and marvel at how big and beautiful the Moon and the Universe are, and how small, temporary and insignificant we are.

China and the super moon

In addition, the best of the story is that the following three full moon will also be exceptionally big, with the September one being the largest, which also coincides with a total lunar eclipse and the autumnal equinox... but I will explain that in next month's article.

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