October 2015: the moon of the barking dog

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Now that the end of the year of the Wood Goat is getting closer, as is the beginning of the year of the Fire Monkey, I'm going to have less and less time for doing these monthly predictions, and so I'll have to summarize them pretty much... but well, I hope even so they keep being interesting.

Then, in short:

  • On October 9 begins the month of the dog, it's a good time to reach out to other people, while to do things the hard way or to face conflicts is not such a good idea, for that is best to wait a month later, that of the pig, which has a better mood.
    dog and goat trying to understand during the 2015
  • On 12 October there is an opposition of Uranus, being a recently discovered planet, in the traditional Chinese astrology has no special meaning that I know of.
  • 20 October: the maximum of the meteor shower known as Orionids, which in theory should appear in the area of the constellation of Orion, between October 2 and November 7, that's throughout the whole month of the dog, so we should remember to look at Orion more frequently than in other months.

    They are low intensity, usually generate only about 20 meteors per hour.

    As a curiosity, Orionids are caused by fragments from the famous comet Halley, with a 76 year period, it visited us last time in 1986.

  • And in October 21 is the Chinese festival of the Double Ninth, which is considered a sensitive day with a tendency to have bad luck, and to avoid this negative influence one should climb up to a high mountain and/or drink chrysanthemum wine.
  • October 25: there will be a big full moon and clocks will be adjusted one hour backwards in many countries.

Well that's all for today, I apologize for shorten it so much, but spent most of the time available to write the predictions for the Fire Monkey year... it's time to think about future ^_^.

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