May 2015: when the Snake meets the Goat

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With the beginning of May, the Dragon's month ends and we go into the Snake's month, on May the 6th, two days after the full moon.

Having a look at how the Goat's year is going so far, and seeing the way the World is taking and the things happening around me, I would say that the next 3 months, those associated with the Snake, the Horse and the Goat, will be quite intense at all levels, until early August when the Monkey should bring some common sense to make things change in a more predictable way as they look clearer and fit in their proper place.

For now, as May progresses we should notice a trend towards spirituality, and so it will be a good moment to do some introspection at an intimate level, something like a time to leave behind the old and begin new things, this is clearly positive, and an opportunity we should try to exploit.

The less good part is because of the trend of the snake to try to carry out complex and carefully crafted plans, usually in a successful way, but this year the cold intelligence of the Snake and the extremely creative and artistic mind of the Goat do not mix well, and it is likely that the more complex and twisted the plan is, the most likely that it will fail in the most unexpected and funny way.

So basically it's a matter of having more confidence in destiny and common sense that not in complex calculations and dark stratagems, the best strategy to deal with goats and their influences often is simply to act in a calm and open way, with a pint of optimism and goodwill.

vegetarian Serpent

But as we live in such an unnecessarily complex world, during the month of the Snake in the year of the Goat, it will be a mess to understand what is happening around us for most people, let alone see a clear way to solve those problems; and in practice the right strategy will rather be to find a way to replace obsolete schemes with more simple and logical ones, that basically achieves the same goal more efficiently and probably better than the old way; It is not a time to look back and regret the past, but quite the contrary... look towards the future.

Then in June, with the month of the Horse, all these new things that appeared in the month of the Snake will grow apace, and in July, with the month of the Goat multiplying the energy of its own year everything is possible... but I'll talk about that next month ;-)

Interestingly, the beginning of the month of the Snake, May 6, coincides with the maximum activity of the meteor shower known as Eta-Aquarids, which as its name states are visible in the constellation of Aquarius, although it's not very active, about 20 to 30 meteors per hour at most, is inconspicuous as the Snake... and interestingly enough, the shooting stars that you can see that night are actually pieces of Halley comet, which passes close to our planet every 76 years or so.


Anyway, because of the full Moon, these shooting stars will be more difficult to watch... but even so, I think it may be worthwhile to look at the sky that night if it's clear, who knows if the Snake could grant us a desire during its month ^_^

Moreover, this month of May hasn't more notable astronomical events that I know of, and there are no Chinese festivals like the months before... it may be the tendency toward introversion and inner life of the Snake ;-)

In fact, May 15 is the day of the month when the Moon is closest to Earth and should be high and large in the night sky... but it turns out to be the New Moon on May 18, so it's just a very thin Moon that could be visible those days just before dawn, assuming you're well aware, it is not covered, and no obstacle hides the horizon...

Then from May 22 until July 2 should be possible to see the meteor shower known as Arietids, although the maximum coincides with the beginning of the month of the horse, on June 6, and anyway are not usually easy to see because they are too close to the Sun, in the constellation of Aries, the good time is therefore just before dawn.

Also it happens that in the most intense time of Snake's month, around May 23, there will be a Saturn opposition relative to the Earth and the Sun, which is best understood with this graph:

Saturn Opposition at the peak month of the snake 2015

I confess I do not have time to elaborate into this, it's best to be aware that day and see if something special happens ;-)

That is because this month of April I found myself very busy and with no spare time due to the influence of the Dragon ^_^, so I had to make this article somewhat shorter and less elaborate than other months, but even so I hope it will be interesting to read.

Furthermore, I just wish that the Goat combined with the Snake brings us many pleasant surprises during the month of May, try to be optimistic, that harmonizes better with the essence of the year and the trend of times ;-)

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