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Today, 05/25/2018, the Chinese Almanac says: "Establish: the day that Ten Thousand things are generated"

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Payment: how to pay your consultation

You can make the payment of the consultation in any of these ways:

  • Bank transfer: I would give you the data of my bank account so you can make a money transfer to it; my account is in Portugal (European Union).

  • Using Paypal: I would send you a Paypal receipt by email, then you will be able to make the payment from the Paypal website using a credit/debit card, this way I don't need to know the data of your card.

I prefer to give the data for making the payment personally, this way I can keep control about the number of tarot readings that I may have in the near future, also to avoid a situation when someone would pay thinking that I'm going to do his/her reading the very same day and afterwards he/she finds that may have to wait for a few days.

So if you are interested in a consultation, just write me or call me so we can arrange the details before making the payment, typically I will be able to attend you in 1 or 2 days, but sometimes it can be a few days more.

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