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Nacho in his office of Ponta Delgada

In-person consultations in Ponta Delgada

Written on by Nacho in By phone

Since early may I'm attending in-person consultations in the Yin Yang Clinic of Ponta Delgada (A├žores - Portugal), the place is between the Solmar supermarket and the VIP Executive Hotel, just in front of the city firemen headquarters.


Nacho, the webmaster

Nacho (the webmaster)

During many years an unhappy Unix sysadmin, in 2004 began making this website, mostly in spanish, and tried to live my life in a more sensible way.

I was born in Spain 41 years ago, in 1999 finished studying industrial engineering and began my short sysadmin career, then in 2008 moved to a small sailing boat and have being going from one place to the next until 2018, when I settle down in the Azores islands.

You can see my whole profile here.


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