The tricky part about natal charts is not to get them (they are free) but to interpret and understand them, you can get yours or anybody else just using the little form below:

Calculate my chinese natal chart:

For getting your chinese birth chart just fill this form:

Birth Date
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But, once you have it, how do you interpret it? well, I will try to write some kind of how-to here to try to help.

First, we have the 4 pillars of destiny table, it looks like this:

4 pillars of destiny example

This gives a general outlook of the person, basically what you have to look at this table with calm and patience is the following:

  • The 4 signs: see how they complement each other, if they tend to conflict and are imbalanced or if they are in harmony and to somewhat are likely to work as a team. They also give a general picture of the personality of the person.
  • The 4 paths, these give the trend of how the life of the person will be as a whole, keep an eye on repeated paths, those would make that trend very clear.
  • Look how each path fit to their corresponding sign (more details on this later).
  • Count the 8 elements in the lower 2 rows of the table, and see if there are any element missing or in excess, ideally the five should appear in a balanced fashion (between 1 and 3 of each).
  • Analyse the relationship between the elements, in the sense of whether they are fed or destroyed by the others, if they complement each other well or not...
  • See the Yin and Yang, if you are balanced or one is much more present than the other.

The goal with this is just to get an impression of the person and his life as a whole, in practice is easier to learn just by comparing several natal charts of persons you know, and see how it fits what you see in the table with what you know of such people.

Also, a way of interpreting these tables is to consider the first position of each column a path with the features that are detailed in it, in such a way that the sign of the next position is the one who has to walk along that path, with the qualities and shortcomings of that sign, and the two following positions give more details of the path and its "wayfarer".

For example a path of conflict and struggle will be easier on a tiger than on a pig, but a path requiring plenty of patience will be much more fit on a ox or a snake than on a horse.

Just try it! You'll see that as a whole is rather more coherent than it may appear at first sight ;-)

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