The Chinese Zodiac - dragon sign (1976 ±12)

People born in a dragon year are special people, the dragon is the only chinese zodiac sign which is a mythological creature, and also the only one who can fly high in the sky, it represents the harmony between Heaven and Earth, a concept very deep rooted in chinese philosophy.

To see a dragon pictured in the Far East is as common as to see a cross in the Western World, is perhaps the most important symbol of the Chinese Nation.

Fire and Water dragons playing over the waves

Dragon people are said to be aggressive, determined, self-confident and dominant, but in practice the try to find a kind of harmony in their environment, and most of the times they tend more to diplomacy and compromise making than to conflict.

However when they are determined to fight for something chances are that they will get it, not just they have an almost unlimited energy, but also have tons of good luck, such is this that is said that, in this world, just 2 things can stop a dragon: their excess of pride and their lack of prudence.

Also somewhat is thought that dragons are predestined to make notable things and be more or less famous, not necessarily appearing on TV, maybe just inside their family or communities, they are the typical leaders, from neighbourhood associations to mafia like organisations.

Adding up all of this is not difficult to understand why most chinese families would like to have a dragon child, it's some kind of warranty that he/she has more chances to be lucky, famous and do notable things in life; in fact, it's a real fact than in China more children are born during dragon years then during any other year.

However things are not so simple as popularly thought, the potential defects of dragons are as dangerous as those defects of any other sign, and they need to find a way of being in harmony with their environment and at the same time with themselves, and this is rarely an easy task, just imagine a cute dragon girl born in a male dominated society, or a charming dragon boy with sensible parents telling him all the time that he must do what everybody else does, find a stable job and don't get into trouble...

The truth is that when dealing with a dragon the best approach is to be armed with patience and know that he/she will end doing whatever likes the more, don't try to change him/her or to put him/her into a cage, it just will not work.

When talking about love, the main complaint use to be that they don't know to think in their partner, but just think in themselves and then expect that the rest of the people follow them, in fact, the only zodiac sign that is thought capable of controlling a dragon to some extent is the snake, and she does that without the dragon noticing it.

So, as you may imagine, the list of famous dragons is endless, some of them are: Nietsche, Salvador Dalí, Sandra Bullock, Sigmund Freud, Ernesto Che Guevara, Martin Luther King, James Brown, Roger Moore, Jesus Christ, John Lennon, Bruce Lee, Frank Zappa and Grace Jones.

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