The Chinese Zodiac - rabbit sign (1987 ±12)

People born in a rabbit year use to be very lively, meaning that they use to be cheerful and have good sense of humour, typically they always find a way to surprise people around them.

They have also a name for causing funny stories, just read Alice in Wonderland to have a glimpse of what I say, anyway these stories are always funny (when seen from outside) and most of the time have a happy end.

The metal rabbit of 2011 telling strange things to innocent girls

You wouldn't say it at first sight, but they are simple people (in the good sense of the word), it's just that very often they try to look special and original, they are like those magicians doing little tricks to puzzle you, it may seem magic but is just that you don't know their trick.

Rabbits like simple and easy life: a beautiful home, a happy family, a well paid job, paid holidays one month a year... they try to avoid problems and adventures and have no need to think in big and difficult projects, you can say that they have their feet on the floor and like to stay at home.

They have a special intelligence, in the sense that they know to find original and new ways for doing things that nobody had thought before, this is the reason it's said that is lucky to have a rabbit near you, very likely they will give you some valuable suggestion, and at least they are very good at listening ;-)

Also they are hard working types, and they don't make too much noise about it, somewhat they expect silently that people around them recognise their work without having to tell them.

There are many famous rabbits: Fidel Castro, Albert Einstein, Stalin, David Beckham, Frank Sinatra, Pedro Almodovar, Johny Deep, and David Rockefeller.

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