The Chinese Zodiac - snake sign (1977 ±12)

As you may imagine, snakes are full of mysteries and secrets, their main feature is a very deep and cold intelligence which is able to find ways and get things that for the rest of the people seem impossible.

In China traditionally was said that to be a snake was the most favourable zodiac sign for a woman, this was because being born in a very male dominated society, a snake-woman would be able to find her way no matter what, and for certain she would find how to take advantage of all those macho-minded people, the world is full of past and present examples of such snake-women, very likely you have one more close to you than you would imagine ;-)

The Snake: serious and mysterious on the outside, soft and warm in the inside
Artwork made by Amuria

They are also famous for having a very good physical appearance and be more knowledgeable about seduction than anybody else, to the untrained eye it may seem magic, but is deep rooted in their practical and fact-finding intelligence, they know how to get to the bottom of any dilemma, and human relationships and attraction is not an exception.

You will hear also a lot of complaints about them, many accuse them of being cold blooded, introvert, very manipulative, sometimes cruel and revengeful... I suppose that as everything in life, there are good snakes and bad snakes, but you can be sure that you don't want to have any of them as your enemies.

Snake seen by his enemies

On the other hand is also said that you will never find a snake that is not able to earn her living, they know how to survive in any environment, they are very practical and pragmatic, a good business partner if you really have the same goals.

The weak point of the snakes lies in their intelligence, as their mind is so powerful they can get to fool themselves, specially when not wanting to accept the reality, it's like they try to make them think that the reality is different from what it really is, and sadly enough too much times they succeed in it, ending like this:

A messed snake who cheated itself

There have been many notable snakes, but many of them have been forgotten, and this is because they typically try to do their businesses undetected, most of them are not after being famous, just after success and getting their goals, but don't need, and don't want, to have them broadcasted on TV.

Some famous snakes are: Giacomo Casanova, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (president of Argentina), Ching Yih Saou (the biggest pirate of ever), Bjork (the famous icelandic singer), Bob Dylan, Franklin Roosevelt, Pablo Picasso, Mao Tse Tung, Yasser Arafat, Gandhi and John Fitzgerald Kennedy (no doubt he was killed because of being too much intelligent).

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