The Chinese Zodiac - horse sign (1978 ±12)

Horses are notable for been noticeable wherever they go, sometimes is because what they say, other times because what they do or what happens to them, but sure they are not good at passing unnoticed.

The easiest way to recognise them is because they are all the time doing something, they seem to have their timetable full all the days of the year, they are very active and hard working.

An ancient drawing of a horse made by Hokusai

They are said to be the best lovers of the chinese zodiac, and there is no doubt that their love live (including the sexual part) is most important to them. However being the best doesn't mean being the easiest to deal with, they are full of contradictions and tend to be very stubborn, too much often they are not able to see the reality with cold blood and mind, instead they seem to pretend that things are as they imagine in their head and not the other way around.

However most of them are good hearted and honest... just that they understand it their own way, I mean, they are fair, but according to their own point of view, which very likely can be different from yours!

Horses don't like to be told what they must do or think... just try it and the more you try it the more they will insist in the opposite direction, is not so difficult to have them do what you want, but you must do it with good manners, with some sweet sugar in your hand and beautiful words in your mouth.

They are very intuitive, and quite often can read in people and situations like in an open book, seeing what is coming before anybody else, but this intuition sometimes led them astray, in the whole they are too much hot-blooded.

There are many famous horses: John Travolta, Kim Bassinger, Kevin Costner, Thomas Edison, Cindy Crawford, Rembrandt, Carla Bruni, Nelson Mandela, Clint Eastwood, Sean Connery, Jimi Hendrix, Paul Mc Cartney, Harrison Ford and Barbara Streisand.

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