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Today, 03/16/2018, the Chinese Almanac says: "Arrange: The Emperor of Heaven has placed everyone in their seats. The Five Grains are in abundance"

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The Chinese Zodiac - monkey sign (1980 ±12)

People born in a monkey year is very rational, you will recognise them because they try to find logical explanations for things that are not prone to it.

Anyway they use to get many benefits from their rational mind, the only problem comes when thinking "too much", too much often they don't know how to stop thinking!

Monkeys are also good adventure companions, they are quite social and love to travel and get to know new places and people, they are playful and easygoing, and are community minded people, their way of thinking is collective more than individual, it's said to be the most human of chinese zodiac signs... as you know, a monkey is the animal most similar to humans.

Chinese monkey
Artwork made by Amuria

Their typical defects are not to know very well to express their feelings, sometimes people around them can feel them cold when in reality is just they don't know to be expressive, and also are said to get angry from time to time like those monkeys going up the trees and throwing coconut to everybody below XD

Monkeys are talent-full more often than not, and is strange to meet any that doesn't have some special ability or makes something bold, so there are many famous monkeys, for example: Lou Reed, Bob Marley, Rod Stewart, Martina Navratilova, Mickey Rooney, Omar Sharif and Elizabeth Taylor.

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