The Chinese Zodiac - ox sign (1985 ±12)

People born in ox years use to be hard working, calm and very honest, a chinese proverb says that "nobody deserve your trust more than an ox"; however they also tend to be stubborn, and this is great when they are in the right path, because will push them through any obstacle and difficulty, but when in the wrong path chances are that their stubbornness will bury them deep in the mud.

You can tell somebody is an ox because you will not get to change his/her mind easily, most times it will prove to be just impossible.

The Earth Ox walking towards his year, 2009

My experience is that oxen are very nice people to have near you, you may not share all of their ideas or attitudes (they are said to be old minded and traditional), but they are very respectful towards most people, respecting other people points of view, also you know that you can trust them and they will help you when most needed.

Usually they are serious people and somewhat shy, but this use to make them easy to approach, just be polite and respectful as they are and everything will go well. Another good point about them is that being so polite and respectful is unlikely that they will embarrass you in any social meeting or similar.

Also they are said to have good memory and be very creative, you can see that from the list of famous people belonging to this sign.

Some very well known oxen are: Malcolm X, Paul Newman, Jack Nicholson, Bill Cosby, Robert Redford, Dustin Hoffman, Jane Fonda, Charles Chaplin, Walt Disney, Burt Lancaster...

Another notable ox is Valérie Valère, one of my favourite writers of ever, her life illustrates well another feature of oxen: they need a warm and comforting social environment, otherwise there will be problems, they are very sensitive people, too much often that's the reason they try to play the hard type role.

Nacho, the webmaster

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