The Chinese Zodiac - dog sign (1982 ±12)

People born in dog years use to be honest and loyal, they hate unfairness and have a noble heart that leads them to fight against what they consider unfair and tyrannical, however they are not very conflictive and always prefer the diplomatic way over the violent option.

They are said to be very good friends (even a saying says so!), always ready to risk themselves to help and defend their loved ones.

When somebody betrays them they feel the pain very inside and too much often take more time than the average to recover, not being strange to find dogs traumatised because of this kind of bad experiences, they really need people who truly loves them.

A nice puppy

Besides they are good adventure companions, as long as they share the goal and trust the people close to them everything will go fine and they will play an important role in the group.

A typical doggy defect comes from they being a little shy or insecure, that it can translate in being too much jealous and distrustful... but as long as the other part have good intentions and a normal attitude chances are that everything will go well, dogs are adaptable and know how to compromise.

Some famous dogs are: Michael Jackson, Madonna, Takeshi Kitano, Elvis Presley, Brigitte Bardot, Freddy Mercury, Susan Sarandon, Silvester Stallone and Ava Gardner.

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