The Chinese Zodiac - goat sign (1979 ±12)

People born in goat years are known to be the most sensitive and artistic minded people of the Chinese Zodiac, they are very creative and typically you will find that most of them have some kind of hobby related to this, like painting, playing a musical instrument and the like. Also they are very spiritual and need to be in close contact with nature.

They appreciate the simple and pleasurable things of life, think more than the average in their material stability and in short, they all like to have a stable and comfortable life, everybody do that someway or other, but goats do more! Some of them can be materialistic, but their fantasy and creativity has more weight in their lives, in fact one of their typical defects is not being very practical.

The Chibi goat
Artwork made by Amuria

The truth is that is very enjoyable to be close to a goat, just don't ask him/her things that are not according to their nature, for example big adventures or to face important conflicts, they are more apt to live a happy life in a free and happy environment than to sustain heavy fights and pass through big problems.

There are many famous artist goats as you may imagine, one of them is Megumi Hayashibara, a Japanese voice actress and singer:

The famous fire goat Megumi Hayashibara

She studied to be a nurse, following the wise advise of her sensible parents, but you know... from time to time goats like to do unpredictable things, and so she happened to sign for a voice actress contest... and won! (the rest is history, a very nice and good sounding one).

Other famous goats are: Elvis Costello, Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, Groucho Marx, Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, John Wayne, Zsa Zsa Gabor, James Dean, Muhammad Alí (!), Mick Jagger, Jim Morrison and Jimmy Page.

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