2015 Predictions - the dog, struggling

Overall, the year of the Goat Wood is not particularly good for the dog, there's a tendency to find constraints and situations that will not fit him, so it is easy to feel as if the wind is blowing against us and our goals don't get closer... but if the dog face 2015 with a brave attitude and perseverance, he should be able to get along without big problems, maybe just a few more adventures than he would like.

According to the natal chart of each dog, predictions can be better or worse, it is best to see each particular case with this form:

Birth Date
Time (is the Solar Time)

Perhaps most importantly, during 2015 the dog must try not to be put off easily, especially when people who do not share their ideas would present obstacles or unpleasant attitudes, it is essential that he gets around problems and disagreements in an active and positive manner; perhaps the biggest risk is for dogs who are already somewhat frustrated from previous years, that once they encounter the first goat's obstacles they may get discouraged and give up early, or withdraw into themselves and don't want to know anything about anyone.

So it is better to try to take it easy without hassles or hard feelings, it's really just a matter of walking this time as if it were by "a goats path ", when the dog would prefer to go on a decent asphalt road, but hey, the important thing is to get to the destination, even if it's later and more tired than usual.

dog and goat trying to understand themselves during 2015

Yet it is perfectly possible and desirable to take initiatives this year and try to achieve their goals, in other words, is favorable their initiative although there is a tendency to find more obstacles than usual, sometimes it is just in the most difficult moments where you do and get the most important things.

For example at their jobs, dogs could get special recognition for having solved some difficult and complicated situation where they had to endure difficulties, and thanks to their effort and perseverance got things done successfully.

At a human relations level there is a clear trend to disagreements with the people around them, and a risk of conflicting ideas which can lead to arguments and estrangements, perhaps the best thing to do is trying to be diplomatic and make an effort to put yourself in the other person place, especially try not to react instinctively.

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