2015 Predictions - the pig, enjoying

The pig and the goat are good friends and farm fellows since long time ago, so in 2015 the trend is that the pig finds many positive things at all levels, it's a year where he should be open to enjoy life and have pleasant experiences both at material and human levels, the only risks are dispersing too much because of the abundant imagination of the goat, and also spending more money than they have in their accounts because relying too much in situations that seem very favorable.

Still a lot depends on the characteristics of each pig as seen in their natal charts, a forecast for each one can be seen below:

Birth Date
Time (is the Solar Time)

In general the trend is to find situations and people as the pig likes: warm, carefree, without second intentions... they may have to make a little effort to find them, but soon they should get it; so it's a very good year to try to improve their lives to fit their wishes and their way of being, which basically tries to live well without coming into trouble more often than needed.

The Heidi pig happy with her goat in 2015

For example it would be a good year for all kinds of changes arising from their own initiative, whether at work, place of residence, family, friends... this is a year to try to build or adapt their environment in a way that best fits them.

Thus, at a level of work or studies, they should have enough room for improvement, either by finding a job that best suits their pace and way of being, or making changes where they work now; ultimately it's favorable their initiative, where more care has to be taken is with the excess of imagination and self-confidence, for example at a level of expenses and also when designing or developing projects, to ensure that they really are realistic, one thing is to have the luck on your side, and another one to try to make miracles.

As for the Love, if you are not satisfied with what you have, then it's an excellent time to try to change or improve it now, sometimes the pig falls into the trap of compromising with too little, like in the old saying "better bad but known, than better but unknown", but in this year of the Wood Goat that's not a good idea, it's much better to try to get something really good.

In other words, 2015 is a year where the pig has much to gain, and what they have to do is moving around and trying things so they don't miss good opportunities, as long as they don't try to chase fantasies or unconsciously squander money, everything should be fine.

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