2015 Predictions - the dragon, arguing

Dragons can fare well during 2015 if they learn not to try to set their own pace all the time, but instead make an effort to adapt to the quietest trends and hippies tendencies of the goat, basically dragons and goats can communicate well and build things together if they manage to have a good and fluid communication between them, so the Wood Goat is open to teach interesting things to the dragon in 2015, it's the latter who must decide to accept the invitation or not.

And anyway it all depends on what kind of dragon you are (that is in your birth chart), so 2015 can take different paths as you can see with this form:

Birth Date
Time (is the Solar Time)

One of the major trends during 2015 for dragons will be to fight more than usual with people around them, both in their personal life and also at work; it happens that the goat likes to put the dragon in situations deemed wrong or undesirable by him, and then dragon's first instinct is to try to change things in a straight forward manner, but that's not the optimum way this year, rather it's better to try to take things slowly and adapt as much as you can to the situations you find.

Wood Goat scaring a dragon during 2015

So it is a year where the dragon has a lot to learn, especially in the sense of learning to accept and tolerate others points of view and different ways of doing things, also to take life more calmly, perhaps spend more time with his family and personal relationships, and less thinking in his great plans and ambitions, it's a year to take it easy and learn philosophy.

About work or school, the trend is rather to be a year where dragons will have to deal with obstacles and problems, the key to success being once again communication, patience and diplomacy; it's not favorable to try to resolve these things the hard way, creating conflicts or tense confrontations, the goat dislikes this a lot and so during 2015 it will not work.

Dragons who have positions of leadership or responsibility must be careful with these trends, during the year of the Wood Goat they must learn to get down from heavens and get closer to normal people, listen and understand them, and thanks to this make and arrange things optimally; it will be easy to find situations where subordinates do not do what they were ordered by the dragon but rather things halfway or directly different, and then the dragon will be faced with the dilemma of having to get serious and hard, or adopting an attitude too soft.

At a love level it's also favorable to take it slowly and try to be tolerant, as I said before, it's good that during the year of the Wood Goat dragons take some time and resources from its always busy profession and invest them in his family and personal life, cultivate relationships which were perhaps half forgotten in a corner.

It will be also a good idea to have parties and pleasure trips to disconnect from the interesting situations the goat will bring.

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