2015 Predictions - the rat, growing

Rats and goats don't mix very well, but somewhat they have much to learn from each other, so during the year of the Wood Goat (2015) many rats will find themselves in situations that will not be as they would wish, but even so, they have much to gain if they make an effort to see things from another point of view and get to adapt to the peculiarities of the goat.

Anyway, things vary greatly from one rat to another, because you have to keep in mind the 4 signs of the Chinese horoscope in your natal chart, so it's best to look at each rat separately using this form:

Birth Date
Time (is the Solar Time)

The trend is that things will be easier than last year (2014, wood horse), where opposition to rat's essence was very strong because of the wood horse; in the case of the goat, they are also different and sometimes the goat may stress the rat, but in the end those will be situations where the rat has more room to get things the way she wants.

Especially the rats have to be careful this year 2015 not to lose their nerves and end acting recklessly, somewhat they could end locked up in themselves if they pay too much attention to the crazy goat, and then the year would pass with them staying in the very same place.

In other words, they have a good chance to learn and evolve during the year of the Wood Goat, they simply need to face it with an open and tolerant attitude, good will, patience and a certain amount of wisdom; somewhat things shouldn't be so bad as they may appear at first.

striving to understand the goat for 2015

Somehow it's a year for begin building on firm ground, anything that didn't come down during the year of its opposite (the horse) has to be definitely solid, so it is a matter of bringing order to your life at all levels and begin to develop plans or improvements.

For example is a good year for meeting new people, perhaps more from an intellectual point of view than a dating one, it is easy to find valuable and positive surprises regarding artistic and creative people or things, such as writers and artists, or even to find your own artistic side that so far had been hidden in a corner.

At a professional level is likely to find good opportunities, which initially the rat will see them as something wrong or strange, but if she uses her famous practical intelligence will find a way to make profit of them, it's all about to keep their mind cold and not be swayed by the confusion that more often than not will arise during the year of the Wood Goat.

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