2015 Predictions - the tiger, receptive

As anyone can guess, tigers and goats don't get along very well, sometimes the last one being the lunch of the first... but in the year of the Wood Goat (2015), the goat will be the one who is in control, and the tiger will have no choice but to accept the limitations imposed on him by year's circumstances, doing their best to adapt to the goat's way of being.

Anyway, every person and every tiger is different, in their chinese natal chart you can view the details, and regarding to 2015 predictions just use this form:

Birth Date
Time (is the Solar Time)

In general, problems may arise because things turn surrealistic from the point of view of the tiger, when goat's imagination and receptivity join with tiger's eagerness and initiative, strange things happen... because somehow the tiger tries to advance by himself, but instead he needs to follow the goat to gain her support during 2015.

So this year the tiger should try to find indirect ways where he somehow adapts to what the Wood Goat does, in other words, you have to try to follow the trend of times, not trying to impose your objectives or views by force, but rather trying to convince with good manners.

Tiger trying to reason with goat during 2015

In what refers to the professional part of life, it's easy to be in situations where tigers are expected to do things that do not belong to their level of responsibility and technical skills, there is a trend throughout 2015 for the tiger to encounter things that from his point of view are not as they should be, but at work or study this eventually may even bring good things, like some kind of promotion or recognition, the key is once again to adapt to circumstances mimicking the goat's low-profile.

On the other hand, regarding love and human relations in general, this year 2015 could bring many good things if you know to take it easy and have a curious and tolerant attitude to people around you, this year's goat is very good for the tiger to expand his horizons both at a human and mind level, the Wood Goat somehow is willing to show you how the world and its people have many different realities and ways of being, not just the tiger style one.

This said, the tigers have a good opportunity to learn and evolve during the year of the Wood Goat, most importantly, give up stubbornness, pride and intolerance that sometimes characterizes this sign, so you can have an open mind to the interesting things that the goat will show you during 2015.

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