2015 Predictions - the snake, earning

Snakes have much to gain during the year of the Wood Goat, it will be a time where they will encounter situations and opportunities that will be easy to understand for them, so they will see where a door is opened to get what they want, also, sometimes snakes will find things that seem shocking or meaningless due to the imagination and lifestyle of the goat, too eccentric for the cold-brain snake.

Still, there are many types of snakes depending on their natal chart, so to see what will year 2015 bring to each of them is best to use this form:

Birth Date
Time (is the Solar Time)

Overall the trend for 2015 is that snakes can prosper and get closer to their goals, in theory it isn't a time where she should run into major obstacles that stop her; it does can happen that sometimes she makes the mistake of being too distrustful and that stop her from winning things, especially at a human level if she refuses to open herself to other people who have good intentions; Snakes sometimes overdo the saying that goes: "think bad and will be right" or "too good to be true", but during the year of the Wood Goat it really makes sense to grant the benefit of the doubt to people around you.

Another thing that is likely to happen is to encounter situations Goat Style, that the snake does not quite see the sense of them, especially things regarding artistic, sensitive and spiritual goat style stuff, that for the snake may be too simple or childish, when in fact sometimes the most important things in life are really simple and easy.

Heidi having fun with her boyfriend during 2015

As for Love, there should be opportunities to improve the present, it is easy to find sensitive and imaginative people who have things to share and learn with, but at first time you wouldn't guess it, then, when you get to know that person a little better you may realize that indeed he/she is your type.

Then in 2015 the snake should be open to new and different things, especially those which she typically sees as too simple or that don't fit her; if she takes the time to get to the bottom of situations, she may find some hidden treasures during the Wood Goat year.

About work, things should proceed apace, both to find a new job or to improve the one she has, also if undertaking some sort of project or business, the overall trend is that she can see the opportunities to exploit in her favor in any situation, perhaps the greatest obstacle may be that sometimes things will go too slow or she finds herself in situations where things are surreal and weird... but don't despair, it is likely that the snake will find a way to turn the situation upside down and take advantage of it.

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