2015 Predictions - the rabbit, winning

The rabbit has much to gain during the year of the Wood Goat, both have many things in common, and the trend is that the qualities of both will join to help the rabbit move in the direction he/she wishes, it's a good year to improve things, for example to change the place of residence.

Anyway all depends on the natal chart of each rabbit, with this form you can see a graph with a specific prediction for 2015 according to the date and time of birth:

Birth Date
Time (is the Solar Time)

In general the trend is that most things will be of the size and style with which the rabbit is comfortable, last year (2014) demanded from the rabbit efforts and qualities that are a little out of his scope, but this will change this year 2015, and rabbits will find that things are more kind to them, more manageable and predictable.

rabbit holding the reins of his life during the 2014 Year of the Goat

It is therefore a good year for taking risks and bet heavily for things that deeply you know you want and deserve them, if you were thinking about a change of home or job this could be the year where you get it, only need to work for it and you will see that the more you move and try to advance your projects, the more new opportunities keep emerging, it's just a matter of keep working in the direction you want and do not be fooled with the excess of fantasies and illusions that the Wood Goat likes so much...

For rabbits that are already satisfied with their job and home, it's a good year to try new paths departing from the present, especially things that involve a lot of imagination or new ideas, goats and rabbits have in common a great deal of imagination and creativity, which combined can achieve a lot this year. For example it might be time to invest time into some kind of hobby, or dare with a project that until now seemed too utopian.

Especially all artistic and creative things are very favorable, whether they are visual arts, music, theater, literature...

At an emotional level things should be fine, at least according to the Chinese Horoscope... overall the trend is for positive relationships, where you can enjoy them in an harmonious way, without being too complicated but at the same time not falling into excessive superficiality. It's a good year to find a partner or improve an existing relationship, and in both cases the trend is to homely and quiet things.

Perhaps the biggest challenge for the rabbit during the year of the Wood Goat is to not being carried away by an excess of fantasy and imagination, plenty of opportunities together with this could make it easy to disperse energies too much, or end up struggling on a path too unrealistic or nonsense, but if you manage to have your feet firmly on the ground most of the time you should be fine ^_^.

Nacho, the webmaster

Nacho (the webmaster)

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