2015 Predictions - the goat, changing

In her own year, the goat can, and should, try to carry out many of her ambitions and projects long-overdue, it's an ideal moment to try to make big changes in her life, especially of those things that she always saw as too big for her; the goats like to have a quiet, comfortable and predictable life, and often tend to avoid addressing directly issues too complex or potentially painful, but during her year, they have many factors in their favor to give them a try, it's even possible that some important things do change drastically from one day to the next without doing anything.

Yet each goat is different, as seen in their natal chart, so to see in detail how they can fare in 2015 just use this form:

Birth Date
Time (is the Solar Time)

Anyway, being their own year things can do very well or not so well depending on what they do, somehow there is much room for big changes, and everything depends on what each goat does with those possibilities; in fact, the greatest risk is to take a too passive approach, because goats are the most Yin (passive/receptive) sign of the Chinese horoscope, and together with the influence of their year it may happen that they leave things too adrift, and that wouldn't be good, most likely would lead to things changing in an uncontrolled way, which is no good.

happy goats during their 2015

So it is basically a matter of being aware of the environment, listen to what your heart says and act accordingly, it is normal that those big changes are things that even being "big" are also relatively easy to start, first one step, then another, and so on until you get to where you want; especially goats have to put aside the fear and insecurity that sometimes blocks them, even more in these interesting times that we live nowadays.

The tendency is to just try things and be lucky, if not in a direct and clear way, at least in the long term as a whole; goats must also be careful of the materialistic tendencies of their sign, sometimes it happens to goats that they want to have all the material things well assured, and if that is not possible they may prefer not to act and stay where they are... obviously every situation is unique and different, but in general during 2015 it suits goats to be active and moving, and take some risks, not pretending to hold on to what they have just because it's "safe".

So, in terms of Love, it's ideal for making big changes, either leave a destructive or unsatisfying relationship, or find a new person to fill your heart, or even try to improve what you already may have at both couple and family level; basically it is a matter of beginning the year with a clear idea about where you are now and where would you like to be at the end of 2015, and based on that road map walk through the Wood Goat year.

About work, it's also a good time to try to improve and change things, for example a job change or even a home change would have a good chance to be carried out successfully, and if you are happy where you work, it can be a good time for an upgrade or to enforce your ideas, the tendency is that your imagination is greatly enhanced and have many ideas to improve things.

Finally, goats have to be careful not to lift their feet off the floor too much, it could happen that the excess of imagination and fantasy would play a bad trick on them, either in the sense of taking things too cheerful, or even seeing your situation in a too gloomy and depressing way... but hey, it's a matter of being active and trying things, especially looking ahead and not towards the ground ;-)

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