2015 Predictions - the ox, fighting

The goat is ox's opposite according to Chinese Horoscope, so during 2015 it is expected that oxen find themselves more often than not in situations that displeases them, usually conflict may arise because of the boundless imagination of the goat, that the ox, with his serious mind, just will not understand; then it is easy during the year of the Wood Goat to have to accept walking along paths oxen typically don't like.

Still, every ox is different according to his/her birth chart, so the prediction for each one can vary depending on his/her time and date of birth, just use this form to see for yourself:

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Perhaps the most important thing for oxen during the year of the Wood Goat is to maintain their internal balance as much as possible, the goat has a tendency to angry the ox, its imaginative, chaotic and spiritual trend is something that oxen just don't understand.

So it's a good year for the ox to try things that he rarely does, particularly artistic or creative ones, also things like going to parties or being less serious and politically correct than he uses to be, one must not force things, but rather have an attitude like "since it is the year of the Goat, and have no other choice but to go through it, at least will try to learn and experience new and/or different things".

Especially it is important not to run away from situations or people that run counter to his way of being; sometimes happens that oxen are fixed in one idea and there is no way to make them change their minds, but during year 2015 if oxen do that, they will go wrong, it is not a good year to try to force the situations or try to impose their views to other people, should they try it most likely will not work, there is no other choice but to try to adapt to whatever you find, even if it looks weird and unpleasant.

This image expresses well the situation, here the goats are trying to be nice to the ox, but he interprets it as if they were laughing at him and making mockery:

Two goats mocking the buffalo during 2015

About Love during 2015 for oxen, it should be easy to find opportunities and situations that are not what you expect or would like, but it's up to you to decide if give them a chance or not; you also have to remember that there is a sneaky trend during goat year for people to go away from you if you try to go against them and impose your own ideas, on the other hand it's good to try to build bridges with people around you, especially don't pretend that others will follow you blindly, at the very least try to move hand in hand with them and at the same pace.

And about work, it happens the same, you can find yourself in an odd trip or be in a bad situation, but while somewhat you find a way to be flexible and adapt to circumstances, you should be able to pass the storm safe and sound; especially you must avoid adopting stubborn and intransigent attitudes, in this year of the Wood Goat that is not going to work, you can not advance in the opposite direction, just try to find a compromise.

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