2015 Predictions - the horse, lucky

The horse will find many opportunities and open doors during the year of his good friend the Wood Goat, they are two highly complementary signs and have much to offer to each other, so during 2015 is just a matter of the horse being able to recognize these opportunities and don't miss or spoil them because of excess of imagination and/or stupidity.

But depending on each horse (see their birth charts) things can go one way or another, it is best to see the details below:

Birth Date
Time (is the Solar Time)

In general, this should be a peaceful and prosperous year for most horses, which is good for them, since many arrive in 2015 still recovering from internal and external changes that brought them their year (Wood Horse 2014); there may also be several surprises this year, the result of the sum of the intense imagination and eccentricities of both signs, but they should be manageable situations for the horse.

The tendency is to be busy, have a good time and call attention around you, Circus Horse style:

Horses prancing for 2015

Perhaps horses have to be more careful with the excess of imagination and confidence regarding their own abilities and ideas, the tendency is to applaud the goat happily because of her various ramblings, so during the year of the Wood Goat there is a trend for the horse to be encouraged with whatever he wants to do, no doubt this is very good, the only risk being to do more than necessary and so take things beyond where they should go.

When in doubt, it is better to go slowly and think things twice ;-)

At a Love level it's a highly favorable time to try to find that relationship the horse always dreamed of, also to enhance and give color to a relationship that he may already have, in fact, the year of the Wood Goat is a time not be wasted in this sense, doors that use to be closed will do open this year, and if the horse can recognize the opportunities and really valuable things, he/she may have a lot to celebrate when finishing 2015.

The trend is also to settle down and come into the horse-shed, instead of starting crazy and exciting adventures, the goat is more prone to homely and family affairs, she is a sign who likes to own a house and have a comfortable routine, don't having to worry too much about the future, then, during her year she will attempt to push the horse in that direction.

Regarding the professional part of life, there will be also much to gain and improve, especially in the sense of innovation and ideas based on the imagination and new approaches, it is especially favorable to have initiatives which raise new and better ways of doing things, for example in terms of optimizing processes and working methods; It is also a good time for anything having to do with communication with other people, for example to express their ideas or concerns.

In short, horses should prepare thoroughly to make good use of the year of the goat upon arriving on February 19, 2015, the next Year of the Goat will be 12 years later, in 2027, by which time all will be different!

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